Cash For Castles

Cash For Castles

If you run a sporting team, day care, mother’s group, church group, youth group, or any kind of organisation with members, then the Macarthur Castles “Cash for Castles” was made for you!

When a member from your organisation books a castle with us, your organisation earns a $10 credit. Simply ask us for a book of tickets (20 to a book) and have your members grab a ticket from you when they’re ready to book a castle with us. They then hand that ticket to our delivery guy and once we’ve collected all 20 from your book, you can choose if you’d like the $200 earned to be taken off a castle hire for an end of year function, OR you can just ask for the $200 cash to go towards your organisation in some other form! Put it towards an end of year outing, gifts for your members, or even use it to make improvements to your club. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of books you are allowed to have.  The choice is yours!


How "Cash for Castles" works

$200 CASH!!!

Remember, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of books you are allowed to have. So ask us for a book today to get started!

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